Talk to the Paw by Holly Kuchera

The Crubbs Handbook of Antique Wooden Cussin’ Bears
Didn’t know where else to post this lol


So I found this harlequin romance paperback today, and normally I just toss those right over without paying them much mind, but the cover of this one made me pause. Sure that the artist was just taking liberties, I checked out the back.

I’m dubious. I should read a passage:

It is a literal bear.
Okay yeah I’ll admit it I’m going to read this but only because it sounds like the most fucked up romance novel in existence.
But wait….

You have some explaining to do, Canada.

"Werebears? Where? Bears? Men that are bears? M’aiq is done talking."

Playing Around | Toth Csaba

A scared panda clings to a police officer’s leg after an earthquake hits China.
Sounds like me except in bear form.